Tuesday 3 March 2015

Finding My Voice Took Time

Aging is beautiful, I love how dynamic we become as we get older. How life experience has a way of shaping us into pieces of art, we slowly become better versions of ourselves as we learn from our mistakes and gain knowledge. When we are born we are like a blank canvas, every memory is like a stroke of a brush until one day we can look at ourselves and really appreciate the beauty of what we have become.

One of the things I like about myself as I get older is the confidence I have gained. I no longer fear the opinions of others or the rejection that my writing may receive as I continue forward. I appreciate the good as well as the bad. I choose what I let affect me. I have a better understanding of the differentiating views of people. We all have so much history that shapes us into who we become, none of it makes us any better than the other, just unique. Life is an emotional journey and I have gotten a lot of things wrong along the way but what is most important is that I achieve my goals.

It may have taken many years but I finally found my voice in my writing. I found a way that I can express myself to the world. I hope I can inspire others to have confidence in their abilities, to take a leap of faith and belief in themselves, and of course, entertain them with my stories :)

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