Monday 15 June 2015


I really enjoy getting feedback from readers.  

I wrote Alluring Song in hopes that it might appeal to others. Discovering how others perceive it is amazing.  Everyone is different in how they comprehend a story because their own imaginations and emotions come into play. Though I only have a handful of reviews so far I love all of them even when they are critical. Of course if is always nice when someone truly enjoys your book because it validates all the work you put into it. The reviews that have been done are by people that I do not know personally so their points of view are not bias and based strictly on what that come away with from the story. Though, I probably should get people I know to review it for me, more review especially great ones, convinces more people to take a chance and read it J haha

I could write about anything at all and it could be perceived differently by everyone.
For example if I wrote about a purple flower, describing the beautiful detail of the petals, and the aroma.

Some may love the description and rave about being able to visualize the flower in perfect clarity
Some may say that all the detail wasn’t necessary
Some may question why the flower was purple and not another color
Some may have negative emotions tied with the color purple or flowers and automatically dislike it
Some may just think it is beautiful ...

But regardless I love the fact that they took a chance in reading my story. I love to push boundaries in my writing. I may push things further than necessary but I like to evoke emotion in the readers, whether it is good or bad depends on the person J

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