Wednesday 9 September 2015

Back In Action

My children are back in school! Bring on some serious writing. Nothing can stop me now...well except for all the other things I need to get done during the day...

Though it is nice to have quiet to sit down and put some thoughts together for a few hours.

My house is sooo quiet!

Yesterday was actually the first day back at school for the boys but I had a bunch of things that needed to be done, I was running around the entire day.

Since I have started the whole publishing process with my first book, Alluring Song, I have put a lot of work and money into this whole endeavor. Though I have not made any profit to date I am hoping that I will eventually reach a point where that changes. It seems like forever away but so did finding a publisher and that happened... so I will continue working away!

There is sooo much more to writing than putting a good book out there. There is a lot of marketing involved. Your product is only as good as your marketing...this explains why I fell on my face for Alluring Song despite the wonderful reviews it got.

Thank god my husband loves me because I am investing so much time into something that has yet to prove profitable. He is a business man and I have a feeling that he is just shaking his head at me and wondering why I do this. Truthfully...I have no idea. The crazy things we do for love!!

Who needs money anyway ;)

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