Friday 27 February 2015

Warning Labels

With two little boys in hockey I think I spend more time at the rink then I do working on my writing. It can't pass up the opportunity to see them doing things they love. Its a privilege to be able to see our children learn and develop skills that they will carry with them throughout life. I think supporting an active lifestyle through sports is important for children. It encourages teamwork, mental and physical strength, endurance...Though, keeping up with busy schedules can also be exhausting. My energy level never comes close to theirs at any point during the day so I press on knowing that my children are also encouraging important qualities in myself as well. They test my endurance, mental strength and patience all the time. As we help guide them into adulthood, our children guide us to be better parents.

Children should also have warning labels...

WARNING. Will cause you to be in a state of physical and mental exhaustion for a period of at least 18 years. Will cause you to repeat yourself to the point that your own voice annoys you. Will cause you to experience a wide range of conflicting emotions. Will test your sanity, repeatedly. Combustion may occur if allowed sugar or to stay up past bedtime. Will become extremely loud when in the presence of other children. Will attract all dirt in a 10 ft perimeter. Will completely and utterly own your heart from the moment they come into your life and this will overshadow all other warnings listed above.

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