Sunday 15 February 2015

To all the fantasy lovers out there,

If you picked up a book that caught your eye, flipped it over and read...

In a world where gods wield power over mankind, testing their loyalties and their hearts, there are some that will rise from the ashes. These brave souls possess a form of magic that has endured the test of time.
The story begins with the sea. A beautiful goddess whose misplaced affection unleashed a wrath of torment upon those who had wronged her. A mother whose love defied the laws of life and death. A young woman who could not escape her fate or the will of her heart that leads her to embrace a very unlikely soul. Warriors forged from a curse that has plagued them for generations. A Queen whose thirst for power leaves a trail of destruction in her wake. And a King with two sons; one born of love, the other pure evil. The struggle for power has begun.

Would you be tempted to read it?

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