Monday 18 May 2015

Almost Halfway There!

I am very slowly working toward my goal of getting 100 people to sign up for my book launch announcement. Thanks again for everyone who has taken the time to support my message. I really appreciate your help!

Sorry I have to harass everyone but a thunderclap announcement only works if you reach the minimum of 100 people. So If I don't get there, the message will not be released, and no one will know that my book is out there waiting to be read and loved :)

For anyone who has not signed up yet. It is only a few clicks and you would receive the announcement on June 4th that my fantasy book, Alluring Song, is available. (It is just an announcement, no obligation to buy)

I have had wonderful reviews by those who have had an early read ... Did I mention that it is recommended for readers 18+. Who doesn't like a good story with adult content?

Sign Up Here For My Book Launch Announcement!

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