Tuesday 7 July 2015

Finding A Publisher Seems Impossible!!

This was me today! Ugh! Searching through so many different publisher sites, reading through their long list of submission guidelines and requirements only to discover that they are only accepting short stories, or will not accept self-published works, or will not let you submit a request if you are submitting to anyone else, or ... the list goes on. So many different stipulations and not all the sites are straightforward so it is a very time consuming process.

I have recently decided to turn my focus toward possibly finding a publisher that will take on my book and hopefully my future work as well. I feel that my inexperience with marketing is doing my book an injustice. I know it has only been a month since it has been released but I feel I do not have the resources or know-how I need to promote my book properly. If I can join forces with a publisher who has an established presence and expertise in marketing then I can focus on what I do best, my writing!

I have tried this process of finding a publisher before I self-published and had no success, not even any kind of response. I am hoping now that I am getting positive reviews from reputable book bloggers it will at least make them consider me.

Out of the countless many publisher sites that I searched through today, I sent off two submissions that seemed a good fit for my book based on their requirements. Fingers-crossed. For now I will continue doing what I can :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Aimee! Congrats on your self-published book! I saw your story in the Laker today:)

Anonymous said...

I have a family member in PEI who followed her dream just like you and she became a best-selling author for children's fantasy books. I can give you more info on her publisher if you want.

Aimee McNeil said...

Hi Susan! Thank you so much! I would love to know the name of the publisher she used if it is not too much trouble :)
Thank you!