Wednesday 15 July 2015

Summer Pace ... Slow But Steady

Other than spending lots of time outside enjoying the sun I have recently gone back on some older manuscripts that I had written previously to Alluring Song. They were before I had any intention of publishing my writing.

It seems like there is currently more demand for the romance genre and I am hoping I might have more luck with that angle when it comes to publishers. Still working on getting my foot in the door. I picked one manuscript in particular that is strictly a romance and I am going to polish it up with the intention of submitting it to a few publishing companies. Not sure if this is entirely the best direction to take but there are no rules or guidelines when it comes to this process. It is just a lot of trial and error until you stumble upon a lucky break.

My other fantasy book that I am still working on is currently on hold for the time being as much as I would love to throw myself into it. With my children home for the summer it is much easier to tweak an old story with the scattered time I can grab between playing catch, swimming, riding bikes, summer hockey, baseball ... Though when time allows I will be ready to jump back into it. I find the fantasy genre a better fit for my imagination because it doesn't always like to stay in reality :)

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