Friday 19 February 2016

Rethinking My Approach...

Well, I can officially say that I suck balls at marketing. I feel like I'm stuck and no one even knows I'm here. This is a bad position to be in for a writer. I feel like I've been going in the wrong direction.
I am thinking about taking a new approach to how I reach out to readers because right now I am getting nowhere with my sad little blog entries. I want to be able to be more interactive with people and get feedback for my writing. I want to know that my audience actually cares about what I am rambling about!

I was thinking of creating a monthly newsletter where I can be more candid, offer "bonus content", giveaways, give the inside scoop, and of course tell my secrets too!
You will have the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. I would love your input! If you have read any of my books I would love the chance to know what you think. I am used to the good and bad. I'm not scared!
Maybe a few off topic posting favorite recipes :)
I'm still currently brainstorming ideas but at least this will seem more personal than posting on my blog because I will know that someone is listening.

Would you be willing to sign up via email and join me for this little endeavor? I would love to know what you think?

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