Sunday 3 January 2016

Blog Tour for CATCHING FOX This Week!

I am excited and nervous for this week. It is the blog tour for CATCHING FOX! I have some wonderful book bloggers who signed up to read it and post their reviews this week. I will be posting links to the reviews so if you are curious about CATCHING FOX then you might be interested to know how other people feel about it.
I'm nervous because I know there will be some who won't like it and not afraid to tear it apart. It's inevitable. There are always haters.  I never read the bad reviews anymore because they stick with me and are hard to shake. Sometimes I really want to know why they disliked it but it's not good for the confidence. Some people can very harsh, especially the anonymous ones. Though, the good ones make it all worth while! I love to hear when people enjoy my stories.
Reviews are so important for writers because it is what potential readers usually look at when deciding whether or not to read a book. I have my fingers crossed. I am hoping for some love this week!

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