Friday 22 January 2016

What's to come...

I am very excited to tell you that I have decided on a title for book one in my series...
Degrees Of Distortion

I love this story and can't wait to share it!

This is not the official book blurb but just a brief description
so you have an idea about what the book is about...

Lexie is no stranger to tragedy. While struggling to overcome a loss so deep it tore her heart and left it bloodied, her life begins to collapse around her. On a road trip with her dearest friend, Stephanie, she stumbles upon her mother’s hidden past. Unknowingly leading these ghosts back to their small town of Freyview and to her mother’s doorstep. Lexie discovers her mother is full of dark secrets and the best kept truth of all is Lexie herself.
When dangers separate Lexie from her mother, Lexie is left unprepared for who was hunting her as she finds herself in the company of a man that both terrifies and excites her. Her broken heart begins to stir with the strange feelings while fighting with the guilt of her past. She questions whether she can trust Jackson or if he has his own agenda.

Just when the pieces are coming together the dark man from the pages of her mother’s diary makes his move. He is every bit of the evil as her mother described. Lexie must face him and survive the perils that seek her or she will fall victim to the same fate that nearly destroyed her mother.

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