Wednesday 29 April 2015

Cover Reveal!

Here it is! 
The cover for Alluring Song.

I would love, love, love to hear your thoughts!!

This is the book description that will be on the back cover:

In a world where gods wield power over mankind, testing their loyalties and their hearts, there are some men that will rise from the ashes.
This story begins with the sea.
 A beautiful goddess whose misplaced affection unleashed a wave of torment upon those who had wronged her, creating the means to wipe her beloved daughters from her sea.
A mother whose love defied the laws of life and death, protecting her daughter from the demons of her past.
A young woman who could not escape her fate or the will of her heart, leading her to embrace a man created to destroy her.
Three warriors forged from a curse that has plagued them for generations, one seeking vengeance, one struggling with his nature as revelations shake his beliefs, and one that embraced his need for battle.
A queen whose thirst for power leaves a trail of destruction in her wake by her use of deceit and dark magic.
And a disheartened king with two sons, one born of love, the other pure evil, with a nature so dark it threatens to destroy all in his path.
The struggle for power has begun. 

Tuesday 28 April 2015

I am very excited to announce that I will be revealing the cover of my book tomorrow!!

Why I Love To Write Fantasy

I have always been drawn to fantasy because I love being able to create and explore new worlds. Escape the daily routine and immerse myself in the impossible. In real life, things are analyzed, dissected, broken down and prodded until it can be explained and understood in every way. In everyday life, magic is not accepted.

I love to sit in front of my computer and push those boundaries of reality. Create a world where magic is infused with life in some way or another. The only limitations I have are that of my imagination...

Monday 27 April 2015

If You Don't Try, You'll Never Know

Since starting the journey of taking my book through the process of publishing, knowing that the countdown is on until I am able to present my writing to the world, I have felt a strong sense of self-fulfillment. That is how I know I made the right choice and I am doing what I am meant to do.
Publishing a book has been on my bucket list since I was a small girl. Writing has always been a strong part of me.  If I could give advice to my younger self I would tell myself not to let fear and rejection get in the way of where your heart leads you. For the longest time I let these very things stand in my way. I was nervous about putting myself out there, to be vulnerable…
You will never be brave if you don’t take risks
You will never learn if you don’t make mistakes
You will never be successful if you don’t face failure
 I would rather face rejection and know that I have tried than live with regret.

Friday 24 April 2015

Sleepless Nights

Have you ever lain awake at night, a restless mind refusing to let you sleep? That's me! 
The quieter my world gets the more active my thoughts become. Usually I am so tired at night that falling asleep is never the issue, it’s waking up at the witching hour and then the mind starts reeling and it is impossible to quiet my thoughts and drift back to glorious sleep. 
As much as I love my overactive imagination, always wonderfully useful in front of my computer, I curse it at night when it causes sleep to elude me. 
A good night sleep is important when your children wake up with their volumes set to full blast...eek. Bring on the caffeine!

Thursday 23 April 2015

Strictly a Mom Today

My day started with a sick, feverish little man and ended with a dance-off in the kitchen while making strawberry shortcake...Children can bounce back so quickly!...and I am exhausted from him being sick.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

My Other Love

Today I am revisiting another love that I have been neglecting since I started the process of publishing, painting. I am getting ideas together for a timeline piece I am working on for someone. Until I break out the paints I like to take over my kitchen!
If you want to check out some of my work you can visit my website...

Tuesday 21 April 2015

The World Of Alluring Song

Welcome to the world of Alluring Song. This is where the story unfolds, where magic and love coexist, and blood is spilled by unrestrained violence.

Monday 20 April 2015

Friday 17 April 2015


I have been excitedly waiting for what my book designer, Emma Dolan, was going to come up with for my cover. 

Yesterday she sent me what she was working on. I fell in love! She has beautifully captured the essence of my story into a breathtaking piece of art.

Once she completes the finishing touches I will be able to share the cover with you! 

You can find Emma at

Thursday 16 April 2015

What if you had the ability to influence enormous positive change in others?
Turn a bad day into a good one
Brighten hearts
Spread happiness

What if this same power that brings joy to others also came with numerous health benefits for you like:

boosting your immune system
lowering your heart rate
improving your mood
increasing your productivity
earning you success
increasing your lifespan
making you more attractive
reducing your stress level
lowering your blood pressure
and enhancing other people's perception of you

We all have this wonderful ability. All we have to do is smile.
A simple gesture that has a profound positive impact on the world around us :)

Wednesday 15 April 2015

In My Element!

Rolling up my sleeves today and getting in the zone! I am making good progress on my next novel. I am very excited about the developing plot. This story has been in my head for a while so it feels nice to begin the purging process.
I have to be ready in case the launch of Alluring Song is a success. At this point it is still to be determined...but if people do fall in love, I cannot make them wait too long for another adventure.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Today was a day of important research:)
I came across a book called Bared To You by Sylvia Day. It is the first book in the Crossfire series. I was actually looking for another one of her books that she wrote that has a fantasy twist but I was tempted to check this one out...
If you like to read a story full of drama with beautiful, damaged, tormented characters that come together in raw, sensual, oh-so-steamy, passionate scenes, well...this is a good one.
I will get back to business soon but it would be a shame not to finish a book I have already started ;)

Monday 13 April 2015

You broke my heart last fall when you left
Leaving me in sorrow to endure...
missing you every moment

Now you come crawling back and I accept you with open arms
even knowing that you will break my heart again

Just one moment with you puts a smile upon my face
Your touch warms my skin
you chase away the darkness
you are comfort
you are joy

I love you sun!

"They whispered her name in fear of her wrath, for as their ships sailed her waters they were at her mercy."

Saturday 11 April 2015


Writing, I love. That's easy.

Marketing...ugh. As I try to wrap my head around the process that I will need to undertake to market my book once it is ready to sell on Kobo, Amazon...I am left feeling overwhelmed.

I could easily compare it to standing in front of a steep rock wall. There is all kinds of strange looking equipment at my feet that I am not exactly sure how to use, but I know I have to get to the top to find success. This is the process that will be a huge learning curve for me and I hope I can figure it out without falling on my face.

I only just joined the world of social media January of this year. I am slowly learning how it works. I am "old-school"when it comes to many aspects. I love to get my hands dirty in the physical world. The online world is alien to me.

Wish me luck.

Thursday 9 April 2015

Synopsis for Alluring Song

This is what I came up for my synopsis. It may change once my editor gives me further input when he completes my book.

I would love to hear what you think...Even to rate it between 1-10 for your excitement level to read the story. 

Raised in seclusion, Lorelei is suddenly taken forcibly from the only place she has ever known. Her captors, led by a man named Crewe, become enamored of the fair Lorelei, except the warrior named Ajax, who refuses to accept her innocence. Suspicions lead him to act upon deep-rooted instinct. Lorelei can feel his distaste for her, almost palpable in the air, while she struggles against the confusing feelings he stirs within her. Everything about Ajax appeals to her, while he seems intent on causing her harm.
At the encampment where Lorelei is held, she comes to know Oliver, a young man on the verge of adulthood, with whom she forms a bond. When Ajax steals her away in the middle of the night, Oliver reveals how far he will go to protect her.
A young girl, Clara Barwicke, daughter of a well-known grain farmer, is accused of witchcraft when she stumbles upon a secret that could destroy the reputation of a priest and a noblewoman. Stolen from her family, she is taken to the dungeon to await sentencing. Her father Bryce leads a revolt with a select group of men against the crown in retaliation for his daughter’s arrest, when their pleas for her innocence fall upon deaf ears. The path they take will forever remove them from the lives they have known.
Ajax, bred from a lineage thought to be only myth, struggles between his nature and the intense desires that Lorelei inflames within him. Her very being causes him to question everything he believed to be true. When Lorelei is taken from his grasp, and her life is threatened, he realizes he will stop at nothing to save her, even if it is at the risk of his own life.
The notorious Teller arrives at Falls Landing, making strategically violent moves against the crown, causing fear and doubt to stir in the hearts of the people. Fueled by a vengeance so fierce, Teller has woven an intricate plan for the demise of the royal structure, the king, and the true target of his hatred.
The once-proud King Brom spirals into the web of lies and deceit his own wife, Queen Peronell, has spun around him. His ability to rule the kingdom comes into question as he encounters threats that infiltrate his realm. The truth of his downfall soon confronts him, and he is left to face what will remain.
Prince Arthur struggles with dark urges that threaten his sanity. His thirst for pain, pleasure, and the taste of blood begin to control him. When his secretive mother reveals the truth of his existence, he embraces his nature, even biting the hand that feeds him. His fascination soon turns toward the mysterious beauty that shows up at his door, and he will destroy anything that gets in his way.
Lorelei discovers the dangers that lurk in the shadows as she continues to negotiate the strange new world she was cast into. She uncovers powerful enemies, narrowly escapes promised death, and forms friendships that cause her to risk her own life, following her heart to do what is right. When Clara, the young girl she befriended in the cold depths of the dungeon, is faced with certain death, Lorelei recruits the help of her trusted friend Oliver, along with another unlikely source, to help save Clara.

All paths collide, and Lorelei finds herself in the middle of a struggle for power. She must face the truth of her creation, confront the powers that seek her, and face the new world that has forever changed from the protective walls of her forest. The dangers that surround her have been in play long before Lorelei was born, but they have been awaiting her arrival. Lorelei will also discover something that gives her the strength to face all that confronts her, her heart holding the key. 

Wednesday 8 April 2015

"Ajax leaned in close so that Marcus’ fading senses could see his face clearly as he left this world. Marcus grabbed hold of Ajax’s shirt, ripping it open to reveal markings that clearly startled him. Marcus tried to speak, but only blood sprayed from his mouth. Ajax looked down, noting that Marcus was staring at the intricate design that was tattooed upon his chest, a mark that was thought to be only legend. He was no ordinary man, and now Marcus knew how very wrong he had been to cross him."

Tuesday 7 April 2015

I Am A Slave To My Computer!

While I am still in the throes of trying to figure out the marketing side of publishing a book I could not help myself and have already begun structuring my next book. My brain does not have a rest period. Once I finish a story my mind already starts formulating the next. I just have to try and keep up.

I have been searching for book review bloggers, specifically for fantasy and romance. My biggest challenge will be getting exposure. Hopefully I will be able to find someone to help me get the word out once my book is available. Getting good reviews will be important to convince people they should read my book.

It is insane how many hours I sit in front of my computer...

Monday 6 April 2015

"She reached out and ran her fingers down the hard flesh of his chest, dipping into every indentation that delightfully carved the shape of his muscles beneath the surface of his skin. Her touch continued down his stomach, immersed in the water until they lingered on the waistline of his pants.  She didn't know what possessed her to touch him but she wanted to, she needed to, with a desperation that continued to grow. She did not understand the obsession she had with her captor. None of these feelings made sense, but to deny them was a battle she knew she would not win. He looked back at her with a hooded gaze, his chest rising and falling heavily as he watched her."

Saturday 4 April 2015

"She found herself mesmerized by the man’s features that continued to change before her eyes, transforming. He aged again but instead of becoming the old man he became someone altogether different, his eyes changed from grey blue to a vibrant green and his nose became slightly broader, his brow more pronounced as he studied her with wonder."

Friday 3 April 2015

"Though I too now lust for blood, a side effect I have found to be very pleasurable.” 

Thursday 2 April 2015


Is anyone excited to read Alluring Song yet?
"The smile fell from Marcus’ face when he noticed that Ajax was not yielding to the injury. Ajax reached down and pulled the blade from his own flesh. An injury that might have been fatal had he been made of the same flesh as any of the men here. Instead, he lifted his shirt to reveal the already healing wound." 

Wednesday 1 April 2015

 "As she approached she found herself looking at someone she had never seen before, but felt she had always known. It was strange to set eyes upon her own person, and was pleased to see that she did indeed bear resemblance to her mother. She ran her fingers along her pronounced cheekbones and full red lips. She focused on her eyes, something that she had tried to envision her entire life. They were still glowing..."
I went to the Michaels store yesterday and stocked up on drawing supplies. I love that place! My excitement makes my heart rate pick up. You would think I was walking into a strip club ;)
A few months ago I wandered out of the painting section, where I usually limit myself, and found my way to the rows and rows of yarn and decided to crochet a sweater. Crocheting is something I had never done before. Many hours later...I figured it out! I am happy to say that I have crocheted a complete, wearable sweater thanks to that magical place called Michaels.
My mission now is to sketch some of my characters from my book to get everyone excited to read it when it comes foreplay:)