Thursday 26 February 2015

The Daily Struggle of Finding Balance...

We hear it all the time...
"Balance is the key to life"
A simple, beautiful concept that when applied to real life gets complicated and sometimes feels unattainable.

As a mom, wife, writer... maid, chef, peacekeeper, chauffeur, event planner... the list goes on. We all wear many hats and that's why balance is difficult in our daily lives. Finding our balance is something that is a daily struggle. 

I often think that when I finally figure it all out it will be the moment before I die. I will have this huge epiphany in my last moment but at that point it will no longer matter anyway, until then I have to figure it out as I go. I think the best we can do is prioritize and be flexible to the constant change that life presents us. What works one day might not the next, adapting is key. When I wake up in the morning my to-do-list is so long that I have no idea where it ends but I have to tackle it knowing that it is not possible to get everything done. 

One of the most important things I have learned is that if we do not take care of ourselves then that list and all of our efforts are pointless. We need to find balance in ourselves before we can create balance in our lives. We have to make sure we invest in ourselves.

I love to write but my busy life doesn't always allow me to do it. It's always a struggle as to where I should apply my time because as we all know there is never enough time in the day. Sometimes when I sit down in front of my computer to write I think of all the things I should be doing instead, especially with my future as a writer so uncertain. Then again, there is an overwhelming sense of fulfillment that writing gives me and I know that when I start typing I am making the right choice. I will always have a thousand reasons not to write but I need to focus on the reason why I should.

Sometimes achieving balance in my day means combining multiple items on my list to allow time for my writing. Meal preparation becomes quality time with my children. "Welcome to the cooking show, today we are making..." and I get to educate them on the importance of eating healthy.
Cleaning my house becomes my workout time. I will blast the music and dance as I scrub away.

The most important thing I always make sure happens when everything feels likes a disaster in my day is to connect with the people I love. I make sure when my children go to bed at night they know they are loved and cherished. I make sure that I connect with my husband and we have our time because our relationship is the foundation of our family. Love is the one thing I never question.

If I can smile at the end of the day, that's balance enough for me :)

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your posts and I have enjoyed every word, keep up the great work you'll get there!