Sunday 15 February 2015

The daunting task of getting published

Writing for me is the easy part. My best ideas find me at the most unusual times and when I doing something completely unrelated. Now that I have completed my novel the next step it trying to find someone to publish my work...This is where I am now completely in the dark.
To self-publish? I have no clue where to start with that one. The easiest way seems to be publishing an ebook but I have a vision of having my book printed and sitting on a shelf in the local book store where people can pick it up and flip through the pages.
Find a publisher? Even some of the most famous writers have been turned down or had a difficult time with this step. I would love to start on my next novel, I am already bursting at the seems with a new story but instead I am trying to navigate through a part of the process that is completely discouraging.
I have submitted a sample of my work to publishing companies and literary agents that publish in the fantasy genre. Now is the waiting game to see if they get back to me... if they get back to me. I cannot contact anyone, or get any feedback. I may or may not hear back within 12 weeks.
It is not an easy feat for new writers to get their foot in the door.

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