Friday 12 June 2015

Being A New Self-published Author Is ...

Difficult, discouraging, and expensive! Wow!

Being a new self-published author with no prior marketing experience leaves me with a huge disadvantage. I would love to be able to hire someone with the know-how to market for me but at this point I have invested so much into my book already I have to draw the line somewhere.

There is no guarantee that I will even make back what I have spent, this does not even begin to consider the amount of time I have put into it. So this leaves me to my own sad abilities to let the world know I am here.

The wonderful feedback from the few people that have read my book and my love of writing keeps me motivated to push forward despite all the hurdles in my path. I might have to write a survival guide if I figure this all out.

I  need to find the answers to the following questions if I am going to have a chance at success "How do I make my book stand out?" and "How do I get people to buy it?" I really really wish I knew!! My fingers are crossed that I figure it out!

My daughter (who is 18) jokingly told me that I need to post naked pictures of myself holding my book if I want to get noticed!! ... I really hope it doesn't come to that. Joking!! :)

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