Friday 11 September 2015

Weekend Reading!

Looking for a good weekend read? Check out J.L. Drakes Darkness series
Jodi Drake is so lovely and a wonderful writer!!
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 Darkness Lurks Book One
 Emily McPhee has struggled to overcome her father’s death... 
It’s not easy, but Emily finally has the life she wants. She’s an A student at Orange University and has a comfortable home and a great circle of friends. She’s also in love with handsome Orange PD officer Seth Connors. He doesn’t seem to return her feelings, though, so she tells herself his friendship is enough. 
Jimmy Lasko is a psychopath, and Emily is his greatest obsession… 
Lasko knows what he wants—what he deserves—and has the deadly skills and unending patience to get it. What he wants is Emily, and he is watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. That time is coming soon; he’ll make sure of it. 
A sense of unease settles on Emily, but is the danger real or imagined? 
When Emily begins hearing noises and suspects someone has been in her house, Seth urges her to get a roommate. But after a search, she realizes a certain attractive cop would be the perfect choice, and Seth moves in. 
Seth loves Emily, but fears his feelings might make it difficult to protect her. 
In all areas of his life, Seth sees himself as a protector. He’s determined to keep Emily safe, but he pushes the captivating blonde away in an attempt to stay objective. However, after her stalker makes a failed attempt to capture her, Seth can no longer deny his feelings. 
With help from Seth’s police colleagues, he and Emily set out to identify the person hunting her before it’s too late. But is it worth the risk to bait the trap with what he wants most? 

Book Three to be released October 13th!!

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