Friday 4 December 2015

Alluring Song

I did up some new teasers for ALLURING SONG.…/…/B00Y1THTYG
If you like fantasy romance this might be of interest!
Here is a peek at some of my favorite reviews...
"Upon starting this book, I was immediately swept up in the story. It was beautifully written - almost poetically so - and it read like a bit of a fairy tale for older teens and adults." 5 Stars, Electively Paige
"Oh, my goodness!!! Where do I start? This is one of the best debut novels I have had the pleasure of reading!
The world-building was phenomenal and it succeeded in making me forget about reality. The alternating point of views of many characters might seem confusing but it isn't! Every POV was intriguing in it's own right and they kept me wondering who the story was going to lead me to next! The multiple point of views make the story so much more beautiful and captivating than it already is. There wasn't a dull moment! It's all action and betrayal plus love, pure and loyal. Every person is dealing with different problems but their lives are all deeply intertwined. Watching it all play out was a thrill like no other." 6/5 Stars, Cassandra Carpio
"Aimee McNeil is a wonderful writer, her descriptions of the settings are gorgeous - you feel like you're really there among the plot and the characters jump to life off of the page! Lorelei is a lovely, layered, complex person who is surprisingly relatable considering all the magic surrounding her life. Although there is violence and brutality within the pages, as the story line unfolds it becomes necessary to understanding the explosive ending." 5 Stars, Samie Sands

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