Friday 11 December 2015

One Day At A Time...

So I'm still moving along, trying to make people aware that my books are out there in the big world of many, many books. It really comes down to a popularity contest. You have to get people to like you and for me, well...I have been happy staying behind the scenes most of my life. Anyone who knows me well would know this has been a big step out of my comfort zone.

I am hoping I will eventually get to a point where I don't feel like I have to be waving my hands in peoples faces all the time. Marketing is a sport for the aggressive, a personality trait I do not have so it feels exhausting and truthfully sometimes I wish I could go back to blissfully writing for myself but then all this work would have been for nothing. Trying to establish myself as an author feels like I'm a loser in high school and I am trying to make the cool kids like me...Ugh. I know I have to keep pushing forward and see what is waiting for me on this journey. So every day I keep fighting for success.

I really am happy where I am, about to release my third book. CATCHING FOX comes out in a week and a half. I am wrapping up my first book in my first attempt at a series. It feels really good. I love that my children are always asking me about my books. They are proud of me and I love that they see me fighting for this. When I finally do get to the point where I can feel like I am successful it will be an amazing feeling. For now I fight every step of the way. I've met some amazing authors who assure me that I am on the correct path even though it doesn't feel like it most days. Good thing when it comes to my writing I am stupidly determined!

I want to make sure I leave my mark on this world so when it is all said and done I want to be able to look back and say "Stick It!" To everyone who doubted me. HAHA joking! I will most likely be crazy by the end of this so I could be saying anything at that point but hopefully people will be reading my books! :)

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