Friday 30 October 2015

A Taste Of What I Am Currently Working On

I thought I would share a little teaser of the romantic suspense I am working on. You have to be forgiving of my grammar. This is only the first draft so it may be changed a bit by the time I am done with it :) 

 “Come down here now, Lexie! You are going to get yourself killed.”
Lexie looked down at her blue painted toes. It was her favorite polish. The color had long since chipped away and was in dire need of a new coat. She had used the remainder of the bottle last time she painted them and could not find the shade anywhere. It had to be that specific color. Nothing else would do.
Lexie was standing upon a rock overlooking a shear drop. Water sprayed and frothed over the edge, showering into the pool of turbulent water below. Her stomach felt weightless and dense simultaneously as she peered over the edge. Her heart beat madly in her chest as fear stretched it is cold, dark fingers around her, holding tight. She reveled in the feeling that penetrated the numb fog that long since settled over her. The warm did nothing to sooth her as it cast its afternoon light upon her bare skin, clothed only in her blue bikini. A staple in her wardrobe since summer had begun.
Her eyes fell upon her friend below, Stephanie, her arms waved madly. “I know you can hear me, Lexie, get your cute butt back down here. This isn’t funny.”
The quiet surroundings were so peaceful, untouched by civilization. She had stumbled upon this place a year ago on their first road trip. It had been a much different experience the first time. That was when she still had her heart, her Alex.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed off the rock. The comfort of the solid surface beneath her feet was replaced with the weightless feeling of falling. Stephanie’s scream rang out around her, swallowing the peaceful calm of the morning. Air rushed past Lexie’s skin, the fleeting feeling of freedom was liberating before the cold sting of water slapped harshly against her. Swallowing her down into its cold dark depths where the warm sun could not penetrate. 

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