Friday 2 October 2015

"True Love"...Does It Really Exist?

As a writer who focuses on romance this is important subject manner...
In a world where every single person is unique we have to believe that something as personal as love would take many forms. 
This is probably why their is so much controversy when it comes to soulmates, true love, or whatever you want to call it. People are always wondering if that kind of connection can really exist between individuals. Something so strong and beautiful that it becomes magical. Something that takes so many forms it is impossible to define and understand.

With so many failed relationships the jury always seems to be out. The true understanding of it will always be out of reach and leave others scratching their head because it is not a tangible thing. It will always be above and beyond us, even to those who have found it.
Do I personally believe in a love that possesses you mentally and physically on a level that forever changes you? An attraction and feelings for a person that never fades with time. A love so real and true it becomes the center of your life...Yes. 
I believe in it and I never question it. It doesn't need to make sense and I don't need scientific proof...I know it exists.

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