Monday 5 October 2015

No more changes!

I just turned in my last round of edits for "Truth Or Dare". I have read it so many times and every time I tweak and make changes. It's probably good I am now cut off or I could go on forever.

I must admit I am very nervous about the release of this book because I have had zero feedback from my publisher about what they think of it other than receiving the contract from them. So I can only hope that means they think it has potential.

My editor only gave me feedback about my grammar, nothing about the story itself. So I will be approaching release day blind as to where it will fall in the whole scheme of things. Of course I am hoping people fall in love!

When I wrote this book I had no intention of publishing it, meaning I didn't write it to appeal to anyone but myself. I honestly have no idea what readers will think of this book...Fingers-crossed!

I am continuing to slowly get wonderful feedback for Alluring Song but I still can't get the ball rolling...I would one day love to think I will make someone's list of favorite authors but right now I am struggling to get people to even notice I am here.

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