Monday 19 October 2015


When I started writing my current work-in-progress I didn't have a plan; I merely started
typing away and let the story unfold.

I came to a point where I had to start making a outline, a rough flow of events to make sure that all the dots will all be connected.

This is a little different than my last two books, both contemporary romances. This current book has a crime element to it. I want to make sure that the situation is realistic and no holes are left if the plot.

The last few days I have scribbling madly trying to brainstorm and I am very excited to say that I think I figured it all out. The notes look like a disaster and wouldn't make sense to someone other than myself but the important thing is that it comes together quite nicely in my head. I have figured out the direction the story is heading and I am very excited!!

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