Wednesday 7 October 2015

My Work In Progress...

As I sit here with my big cup of my wonderfully comforting tea I have decided that I am no longer making the book I am currently writing a series. I wanted to attempt it because it seems to be what a lot of authors are doing but the more I think about it I realize it may not be for me.

I personally love standalones because they are a complete story that doesn't leave me hanging. There is also the fact that I want to let the story happen the way it feels like it is supposed to unfold rather than thinking about drawing it out over multiple books.

I am making good progress and hopefully soon I can give you a little teaser about what to expect...

You may have noticed I also added another Work In Progress in the sidebar. This is another untitled book that I had started last spring. It is a fantasy romance with a similar feel to Alluring Song. I will also be finishing this when I can. I really love writing in the fantasy genre too. There are less limitations on my imagination :)

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